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Cruise ships are large passenger ships used mainly for vacationing. Unlike ocean liners, which are used for transport, they typically embark on round-trip voyages to various ports-of-call, where passengers may go on tours known as "shore excursions". On "cruises to nowhere" or "nowhere voyages", cruise ships make two- to three-night round trips without visiting any ports of call.


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Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Princess cruises is one of the worst companies to work for. Executives are extremely elitist. They utilize underpaid labor forces for a majority of their locations and ships. Overall terrible place to work."

Cruiseline Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Managers did not know the job. Supervisors were not that helpful. You are stuck to your phone the entire day and customers are rude to you on the phone. If you didn’t know something the help desk that is there to help you makes you feel stupid. They have ridiculous point system and a script that you must follow or you get docked points and can get write ups if you miss some phrasing even if your customer was extremely happy with all you did. Cons: Everything."

2nd Commis Pastry Chef (Former Employee) says

"Maltrato Cons: no hay descanso, no hay cafe de calidad, hay que pagar por el agua, cabinas chicas compartidas sin ventilacion, mala comida, mal descanso, exceso de trabajo todo mala combianacion"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is only looking out for themselves. Lack of respect for their team. Poor communication and when they do communicate it is vague or changes the next day. Cons: everything else"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Executive Management are taken care of REAL GOOD, Period."

Staff Member (Former Employee) says

"Princess Cruise lines doesnt respect the crew,doesnt adjust the crew accordingly to the crew needs.They change the rotations in last minute and they hire managers whom doesnt know the job description and whom has own favourites.Lot of crew are thefts and no one bother."

Shop Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Any Cruise Company is salves project in 21. century, but if you need to go on the ship to make money Princess is not one option even just for experience,yes, they constantly promote work for them as a opportunity to travel for free see the world but with princess cruises you have no enough time to go out, they keep you busy and on the ship they said to you if you need travels book a cruise."


"Horrible company, doesn't care about their employees. The help desk department treats you like a child, and management okay with it. Horrible work PLACE!! I wouldn't recommend my dog to work for them."

Accounts Payable Clerk II (Former Employee) says

"The salary is very low and the management expects each employee to be perfect and error-free. Nobody on this planet is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. All the errors can be corrected, most fairly easily, but management makes a big stink about errors. They like to delay paying the supplier by using the clerk's error as an excuse, even though the error could have quickly and easily been corrected to not delay payment. A spreadsheet is kept with each clerk's name, number of daily invoice production, and number of errors. A ratio is determined by dividing the number of errors by the production number. The company requires no higher than .75%. This is not possible because an error could be caught from the previous day or from weeks ago. It may even be a tiny error made by the buyer who created the PO. The AP clerks are blamed for every error. Management shows favoritism toward the coordinators, and treats the clerks like children. There is a divide in the department, creating tensions and horrible working conditions. Even the coordinators harass and bully the clerks. The Accounting Director told the AP team that people are lined up out the door waiting to take our jobs. He also said "If your supervisor or manager tells you the sky is green, you better say what a beautiful green sky it is." There is a high turnover and morale is very low. The atmosphere is very military-like and you must ask permission before you can do anything. You cannot even leave a few minutes early for breaks without first obtaining permission. If you are late leaving for breaks, you better"

Assistant Waiter (Former Employee) says

"Princess was my second company and very disapointed. The worst bosses maitred elitist racist,shouting at you. Big mafia and no ethics at all. Supervisers maitred ,assistant maitred sleeping with girls and giving fast promotion, even some girls dancing in the room service office to the assistant maitred. In the restaurant you have to declare your tips, if the guest pull out gratuity the company take it from you to add in the DR pool...we saw some headwaiters counting money and keep it for themselves.Also very hard to get promotion some people wait 5 years.keepingthe money for them. Working 12 or 13 hours with not enough breaks between and sometimes you have to lie in the ilo so you dont violate your time to rest....which is wrong you are not supossed to lie. The food for the crew is bad. The cabins are not in good shape water coming out from the floor etc. The good thing the company pays your flight tickets and they have good hotels for crew. . Another bad thing safety is not good, in dinning room the ice machines are not in good shape, the hooks are not always there and nobody fix it, if you need ice of a glass of ice tea you have to take it from there....such a big company and no money for a small dispenser machine."

Accounts Payable Clerk II (Former Employee) says

"Princess Cruises does not have to be such a stressful, horrible employer. They choose to be by hiring supervisors to micromanage and belittle employees, treating them like children or prisoners. Princess Cruises does not utilize employee's skills to the fullest; they terminate good workers especially the whistleblowers who report bad management. I would never, ever recommend working there."

Waitress (Current Employee) says

"Management put a lot of stress on employee but they are not able to say JOB WELL DONE! We are never good enough.No motivation,no teaching , coaching , guiding as per role description. No time off , like in slavery...,, if you do this -you will get this,,. If you ,,get closer,, with a person on good position you will work less,otherwise you will work more. If you are a woman ,good looking woman- o my God!Watch out! So many tranings which nobady folows. Crew will never make passengers happy if the crew is not happy! There is no such a person onboard that you can sit and talk like human to human. If you have stripes you are a god. If you dont have you are a slave. Even the managers are not perfect hosts for the guest, but they are menagers nobady can say anything . Things are changing on worst and nobody is taking care of the crew. Cons: Menagers, long hours, struggle for few hours off"

Expediting Supervisor, Supply Chain - Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Princess pays very low, especially for being located in a high end Los Angeles suburb. Most coworkers had an additional part time job, which was frowned upon by Princess managers. If you are good at your job you get extra work to cover the slack of underperforming coworkers, but no extra pay and no overtime allowed. Most employees report to many managers, I had 5 I had to report to. They all dislike each other, which isn't great. Cons: Low pay, high cost of healthcare, poor management"

Jewellery Consultant (Former Employee) says

"You will work way too many hours, your pay will be nearly slave labour. You drink a lot so you dont care as much, your social life is decent, because everyone just wants to drink and forget about the day. You will hate yourself every morning and wish you were at home every night. Cons: 84 hour work weeks"

Video Producer (Former Employee) says

"They took advantage of me and my co-workers. I was put in a position that I had to run a department alone, but was ignored by corporate until I was about to leave, when they finally told me I would not be paid for my additional labor. They take advantage of people from poor countries, and pay them significantly less for doing the same job. I was scolded for having an off day because a friend was murdered, and I had 0 days off in the 6 months I worked there. Cons: Literally the whole thing"

Executive Chef (Former Employee) says

"A lot of staff that comes there are seasonal which most come with a clean slate and minimal skills which is very stressful from the beginning. The management clocked employees out and let them continue working without pay and without the employee knowledge which resulted in them sending checks at the end of the season to those that maintained their records. Cons: long hours"

Direct Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"Management was never available for questions I had. Many messages and emails went unanswered when I asked for guidance or clarification. I've felt unimportant and isolated. Just another number in the system. I was almost written up for something that was incorrectly reported in the system and all they said was 'oops'. No true apology or effort to make me feel secure that it wouldn't happen again."

Assistant Food & Beverage Director (Former Employee) says

"This place SUCKED!!!! I have never worked for such a horrible place and I was in the Army."

Assistant Sommelier (Current Employee) says

"nothung good about it if you are American you are discriminated by all in the dining room department. Cons: no breaks only few minutes and working streight 13th hour a day"

Photographer (Former Employee) says

"I was a photographer and did not return for a second contract. It was a fun experience; food and accommodation is included, you get to travel, and there's awesome parties. I loved my job but there's very little training, you work 70+ work hours weekly and get paid way below your worth. Cons: Lack of concern for employee health, hot and cold management"

Former Employee - Travel Advisor says

"I worked at Viking Cruises full-time for more than 3 years Cons: You are treated like absolute dirt. They come up with all kind of Excuses to try to take bookings away from you and have complicated policies that even when you follow guideline they can come back say it was not right decision and screw you over. Instead of of improving moral and taking steps to improve work culture they invested money into writing fake glass door reviews none of which could ever be written by an actual viking customer. From not backing out calls when their equipment does not work properly, making us take calls while system is down and we’re not even able to book it we can we are consistently screwed over by company. Having call reviews where if manager looks for any excuse to take a booking away even if you actually comply with policy. What is a shame is the actual job is very enjoyable talking to customers . There is zero job security, every year they enact new policies to screw you over, and pay you less. Their pandemic solutions giving people vouchers make all sales agents work twice as hard for no payment."

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at Viking Cruises full-time Cons: Everything else from Management to work environment to facilities"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Viking Cruises full-time for more than a year Cons: Very male dominated environment. Lots of harrasment."

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Viking Cruises full-time for more than a year Cons: Micromanagement beyond anything you could imagine. Have to go to the restroom? I would think twice, yes you get in trouble for going to the restroom. Have to call off sick with 56 hours sick time? Don’t do it, you will be put on a final notice for attendance right away then fired. Do you like being spoken to constantly about how you are terrible and not meeting standards and being talked to like a 2 year old toddler? Well, may not want to work here. All the below reviews are unfortunately accurate to a tee! I thought no way these are disgruntled employees, well I am here to tell you not at all, they are all correct - just for clarity, I did very well here and left of my own so no I am not a disgruntled employee who was let go. Work life balance does not exist you will never have 2 days off in a row and again good luck getting time off - not gonna happen"

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Viking Cruises full-time for more than 5 years Cons: worst company ever. no one cares about you. treated like children. i am so glad the industry is struggling with covid so all the executives can get laid off"

Current Employee - Reservations Agent says

"I have been working at Viking Cruises full-time for more than a year Cons: pay, policy, oppressive environment, fear based management"

Current Employee - Reservations Agent says

"I have been working at Viking Cruises full-time for more than a year Cons: From an organizational standpoint, the company is a mess. Departments are siloed to the point that effective communication across channels is unachievable. Furthermore, middle management is mostly comprised of individuals promoted beyond their capabilities, and lack effective communication skills to begin with. Specifically in the reservations department, managers are the most unpleasant, impersonal people I've ever worked with in my professional life. You'll read plenty of other negative reviews below this one speaking to the micromanagement, frequent and tedious policy changes, and unreasonable sales goals, and that's all true, but just they way in which management interacts with the people under them is deplorable. Never mind the fact their leadership doesn't instill confidence in or empower their employees - they lack even the most basic people skills. High turnover rates are common in all call center environments, but the rate at people come and go from this place should be the first and only red flag you need to tell you all you need to know. If you're interested in the day-to-day nonsense that goes on, read the other reviews; there's only so many different ways to say the same thing. I myself read many negative reviews on this very website before my interview, and chalked them up to disgruntled, unsuccessful sales people bitter that they weren't making the money they thought they would - that was a grave mistake. There are a plenty of talented, intelligent people who work in sales here, and they're just as miserable as the lowest guy on the roster. I assure you, most if not all of the positive reviews here are posted by management or by someone directed to do so by management. Don't make the same mistake I did. Listen to your gut and apply for positions elsewhere. I don't blame the company for the current upheaval in the travel industry - quite the opposite, actually. Viking, to their credit, did an admirable job taking care of their customers in offering refunds and 125% vouchers for cancelled cruises, even going so far as to return monies paid for insurance. No one can say Viking doesn't care about their guests - but, this is a forum for employee reviews, not guest reviews, and the way the company treats their workers is an entirely different matter. What prompted me to write this review isn't the fact we're making less money during the travel ban -- again, I don't blame Viking for that and it'd be asinine of me to do so -- it's that they've effectually stopped paying us. Sales people make about $16 an hour, barely minimum wage, and that's simply not enough to cover our cost of living. And, given that the vast majority of all new bookings made right now are by customers looking to use vouchers they received from their cancelled trips to reschedule for future sailings, right now there's no new revenue to be made. And given that our commission plan is revenue-based, there's no way to make commission. You'd think management would find a way to restructure our commission plan to compensate for this, especially since we're the ones working the hardest right now to keep the company afloat. We're tasked with trying to convince guests when they call in asking for their money back to instead accept the company's voucher offering so Viking can keep all those funds on the books. They call us the "Save" team now, that's the idea - we're saving the company. But they refuse to address our compensation at all. In fact, they didn't even have the decency to tell us they weren't going to be changing anything until after the April pay period had already ended. They're daring us to quit, knowing that most are too afraid to risk unemployment during this time of uncertainty. Meanwhile, managers, sales coaches, training managers and other salaried employees aren't effected by this at all. it's just the sales agents bearing the financial brunt of the situation, while being asked (coerced) to do more work. I'm not looking for anyone to cover my losses, I'm merely trying to pay my bills and feed my family. Nobody expects to make six figures right now, we just want something, anything, to live on. It'd be one thing if it had taken them a month or so to figure something out for us, but it's now been four since this happened and they're content to leave things as they are. Working here has always been difficult. There's no company culture, management is abrasive, and the hours make a work-life balance impossible. But since the quarantine, it's gone too far. Anyone not seeking alternative employment right now as we speak is doing themselves a great disservice, or probably hasn't figured out yet that other industries are hiring."

Current Employee - Reservations Agent says

"I have been working at Viking Cruises full-time for more than 3 years Cons: They don't tell us how they've altered our conversion plan until AFTER the pay period is over. They haven't even acknowledged the stress this is putting on their employees. I'd love to know how this is legal. If you think it's perfectly fine for a company to not tell employees how they're getting paid - DURING QUARENTINE - until the day before checks end up in their accounts, you'll love all the other fun policies this company pulls on its employees."

Current Employee - Travel Sales Consultant says

"I have been working at Viking Cruises full-time for more than 3 years Cons: A company run by either idiots, heartless people, or heartless idiots. 1. Marketing uses a spray-and-pray marketing scheme, and the verbiage of the promotions can be misleading. (See: "My Pillow" buy-one-get-one scandal.) We constantly receive calls from guests who see "2-for-1 deposit" and think that we've reverted back to our old and misleading marketing of 2-for-1 cruise fares. They may also see prices like $299 on social media and think that this means cruise fare, not domestic airfare promotions. This is partially their fault for not reading correctly, but having seen some of the advertisements, I'd like to give them at least a little credit. Marketing here is garbage. 2. The company is run by people who have little to no understanding of basic numbers and statistics. They recently just raised the conversion goals by 5 percentage points, while not increasing base salary or maximum payout. In short: it's increasingly harder to make the same money you were making before, with no other benefits added whatsoever. They have also recently been focusing on outbound percentage, as well. While quality outbound calls may indeed lead to repeat bookings and business, that doesn't matter to the managers of Viking Cruises. They want quantity. This has led to a few agents either spamming numbers that they knew wouldn't pick up, or calling guests for random and BS reasons. These are things like "are you still receiving brochures?" and the like. (You can easily tell if they've received a brochure by looking in the archaic and useless CRM system that is used by the company.) If they would actually hire data analysts, they could improve performance and efficiency. If they have data analysts working at the company, they either don't listen to them, or the analysts are absolutely abysmal at their jobs. 3. The rules are constantly changing, and seemingly for petty or otherwise overblown reasons. The person who sends out these rule changes is absolutely awful at communication, and often writes in nonsensical and/or condescending ways. Nobody knows what is going on anymore, and the occasional call to the help desk can result in multiple different and conflicting answers. Clarification is always needed, and sometimes it results in having to give your guest bad news or compensating them for the bad information. The company loses, either way. 4. The most pressing and important thing right now is what is being done about the Coronavirus in relation to current employees: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. While the rest of the city is either encouraging or forcing its employees to work from home, Viking Cruises seems to have no consideration for their workforce. Not only are sales agents now making LESS than their customer service counterparts, but we don't have enough sales or revenue to make a decent paycheck. The base wage alone is NOT enough to survive on, neither in Boston nor in Los Angeles, where the company is based. On top of this, we are constantly bombarded with panicked, distraught, and irritated guests who take out all of their frustration on people who are making under $16 an hour. We are worth more than this, and we can do much better. There has been no word as to whether we are going to be working from home, as that is not something Viking has even really ever allowed, except for the occasional tenured agent who lives elsewhere. There has also been no word about what they are going to do to compensate us for this mess. We don't know if we're going to be able to pay our bills in the coming months. We don't know what happens when one of us gets sick and can't come to work because we weren't allowed to work from home. If you're looking at applying for a "lucrative and fun" job: DON'T."

Current Employee - Management says

"I have been working at Viking Cruises full-time for more than 5 years Cons: The company has changed since I started working there over 5 years ago. It used to be a great place to work, but they are growing too fast and have turned very corporate. Everything is micromanaged and its a revolving door. There is a lot of nepotism. Management promotes their friends even if they are low performers. Everyone is scared for their jobs and the head of HR is useless. If you bring a problem to them nothing will be done about it and it will be shared with everyone even though its supposed to be private, then there will be retaliation. If you have a health issue they will look down on you and will find any reason to fire you, i have seen it happen too often. There is no empathy. Supervisors and managers complain about their job and the company especially if it gets busy and they are asked to help out. The quota for sales keeps increasing and the reason they give agents is "the better everyone does, the higher it will be raised", but if you dont keep increasing your numbers you will be fired so its a catch 22. Customers are asked to pay in full 1 or 2 years in advance so the company can keep their money and make interest on it, this makes for a lot of angry customers and if you're a service agent you will get the brundt of it. Service agents performance are based on how many surveys they get, but any call that they get that needs to be transferred will count against them and this happens way too often. There is a lot of miscommunication between departments and this creates mass confusion. There is so much more. All the positive reviews on here are written by management and are not true. Steer clear unless you want to go through massive stress. Or find a therapist before working here because trust me you will need one."

Melissa says

"DON'T USE! Due to the pandemic, my group of 8 had to cancel our Alaska cruise via Grand Princess, depart 5/8/2020. immediately charged $100 cancellation fee per each booking and promised to refund our cruise money. Beginning 3/8/2020 we have been corresponded with the agent numerous times about our refunds. We did everything the agent told us to do including paying $100 each couple for the cancellation!! The cruise was cancelled by Princess cruise line, why did we have to pay the cancellation fee?! As of today, we still have not received our refunds!!"

AJ says

"I have used numerous times, as well as my family. First bad experience was during Hurricane Dorian. It took hours and days to finally get some answers from on our refund. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and booked several cruises with them again, BIG MISTAKE! Our 3 cabin cruise got cancelled due to COVID-19 and we are still waiting on thousands of dollars to be refunded. After waiting more than 2 months on our refunds, they tell us that they will come in several payments (unknown dates) and that we would have to wait an additional 45 days for the refund on one of our cabins. I called today to get a status, as we have only received about $400 in 5 different deposits (unreal) and the man that answered the phone told me that RC was closing soon, so that he wasn’t going to call them to get a status update. I then asked him to please move another cruise, that we have scheduled in a few months, as we are not comfortable traveling this year, and he tried to charge me $500!! Why would I pay you any more money, if you owe me thousands?!! Zero customer service!! I will never use them again!"

Tee May says

"I Booked my cruise from First problem they quoted me one price on the phone, when I got the receipt, it had a higher price for the cruise. Had to call and complaint about that nothing changed they made up some lie. Then carnival cancelled my cruise not me and they want to keep $100 of the Carnival refund. Still waiting for my refund to post to my account, its been over 2 wks. Stay away from this fake company, you will be better off booking direct with the cruise line. They get no stars from me."

Nikki Barfield says

"Book on your own. Paying all their ridiculous fees for literally no service is a waste of money. This is for NOT"

Karen Phillips says

"In May if this year 3 of my friends and myself booked a cruise to Italy through for my 50th birthday celebration. We bought the insurance, planned our trip to be in Venice 3 days prior to leaving the port. The day we were to fly out, our flight was delayed because of bad weather in another city . After hours of waiting the pilot announce we would not make our connecting flight and we needed to change. Well no biggie , I mean we’re leaving 3 days in advance, right? Wrong! There were not any connecting flights that would get us to our port before the boat was leaving. After reaching out to the insurance we bought they denied us any compensation. We lost $6000 between the cruise and hotel, We were told that we could’ve meet up with the boat at a different port. Now they tell me. Had I known that I definitely would’ve kept going. Why didn’t they tell me that when I called to let them know we couldn’t make it? I’ve dine everything I know to do. All we asked for is a ticket for a later date. I mean what harm is that ? We didn’t want our money we simply wanted to do our trip. I would go else where for your trip. The customer service is not there. They only care about your money not you as a customer . It’s sad really because I would’ve booked more vacations with them ."

Jenn says

"Dedicated agent told not to answer your calls! I was told by my dedicated travel agent that the company is great about price matching should a cheaper deal be found later on. Well, I couldn't get in touch with my dedicated travel agent Rai Cortelli (Raymond). I called the regular customer service line and was told that I had to work with my dedicated agent and that they would send an email. I was also told that my agent should not have told me they could adjust the pricing because I had already made a "final" payment. apparently, you can only adjust before final payment? I don't even know why the initial agent told me about this price match if there was no chance I could take advantage of it. I tried chatting but the first rep told me they did not have the tools to help me and would send an email to my dedicated travel agent. The second time I chatted, the rep kicked me of the chat and when I tried to go back into another chat session, I noticed the live chat icon was no longer there (can companies control that?!?!). I've left multiple voicemessage for my dedicated travel agent with no response in the last few months. I read other reviews stating that no one could reach their dedicated agent which makes me think that once they make the sale, perhaps they are told not to respond to their customers."

Amber Dawn Kelsey says

"Do not book with them! They are your typical old school, sleazy, lying sales person with zero integrity or customer service. We were promised a 100% refund if we booked before a certain date so we did. A timing issue came up and we had to cancel our trip 6 months before and called and left several messages and they never got back to us then we finally got a hold of someone after they had taken 2 payments out and they not only were rude about it but have refused to refund the money we paid. I understand a small cancellation fee but this has been a gross experience. DO NOT TRUST THEIR REPS"

Thomas Cecchini says

"Purchased cruise April 28,2018 san juan,P.R. (Adventure of the seas) from was told you will get $50. Onboard credit $25. From (i got it.) But the other $25. They never gave it to me but promised but all this was by phone so no proof,they have recording.Guest services on adventure of the sea told me you should have purchased from us,how right they were! BUY DIRECTLY FROM CRUISE BE IT ROYAL CARIBBEAN ,CARNIVAL ETC..NO 3RD PARTIES AVOID MY FRUSTRATION.
Up date June 14,2018 - Got my $25. Refund (after this frustration should have been at least $50.) after complaining but no apology from , thats why i gave them 3 stars." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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